Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bomb Iran ??? Think Twice.

While unwinding the disastrous foreign policy decisions of the past 50 years is not possible, there is always the choice to start anew with one that doesn't involve intervening in every world affair, meddling in every country's business and causing a tremendous amount of animosity and distrust towards the United States.

I know there are a great many people who feel that Iran is a threat to the United States, especially if they were to become a nuclear power. Of course, we always fail to put ourselves in their shoes, look at U.S. troops across the border and wonder if the only way to keep the U.S. out of our country is to have nuclear weapons as a deterrent. I'm not saying there isn't anything to be concerned about there, heck we should know, our own CIA helped establish and radicalize some of madrases in the Middle East to forge greater resistance to the Soviets in Afghanistan. And our problems with Iran go back to the 70s (although the source is the 50s).

We really need to sit back and ask, is it worth endless war and bankrupting our country to meddle with all these little Middle Eastern countries? I've written previously and in more detail on this subject here
And although the military spending overseas isn't the biggest budget disaster we face (can you say "entitlements"?) it is one more aspect where a lot of it is unnecessary.

Regardless, for those who think that if Iran wants nuclear weapons so bad we should give them one... Scott Ritter made a chilling case not to.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Documentary on coming fiscal crisis: I.O.U.S.A.

It looks like this documentary will prominently feature former Comptroller General of the GAO David Walker. Mr. Walker, a Clinton appointee, spent years trying to get Congress, the President and anyone else to listen regarding the national debt and the coming financial crisis to fund our entitlements.

I made this topic, including the facts and information Mr. Walker has been begging people to listen to and understand, a central part of my campaign during the Special Election in 2008.

Most Libertarians and even a few Republicans/Conservatives (Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff) have been BEGGING the fine people of our country to pay attention, understand and quit voting for the nimrods that are taking us down this road.

Here is the Link to the documentary trailer at