Thursday, June 11, 2009

Voters and the Executive Branch

A lot of people were amused by the Obama Administration selecting someone with absolutely no experience in the automobile industry to run General (Government) Motors.

But, it occurred to me that it's not like voters really check the qualifications, knowledge or experience of the people they vote for... not really, anyway. Most of them just pick the person their preferred "club" (political party) has promoted up the chain and put in front of their nose on the ballot. Most of these people can't tell you about the 1953 Iranian Coup, the 1959 Iraq Coup Attempt, the history of the income tax or Federal Reserve, the difference between Keynesian, Chicago and Austrian schools/theories of economics or what the REAL purpose of "The Law" is supposed to be.

So, if the voters can elect people to Congress who know nothing about (a) the rule of law, (b) the Constitution, (c) economics or (d) history then why can't the President's bozos put some schmo in charge of GM that doesn't know a thing about cars? Not saying I agree, but, just a thought.