Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gas Prices? Government IS the Problem - Again.

Between government restrictions on supply and refinement, massive devaluation of the U.S. currency and exploding demand in countries that previously didn't have a lot of cars (but are now getting them) our pain at the pump is great indeed. This is a big win for Democrats who (1) will blame the President not [a currently Democratically controlled] Congress and (2) WANT high gas prices because we will buy less and save the planet from Al Gore's promise of us becoming a burning ball of flame in space.

For the Republicans. It's mostly just evidence at how ineffective they were when in power. So we've gone from a spineless and impotent U.S. Congress to an economically incompetent one.

My good friend Mac Johnson, who has been on Bill O'Reilly and several radio programs in the past few years (and also spent time residing in Indy before career choices led him to Boston) posted about the "windfall profits" tax on his great site. He writes with a flair for humor I wish I had.

His article at can be found at :

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