Monday, December 22, 2008

Great Series About The Constitution of These United States

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to installment one of Michael Badnarik's class on the Constitution of These (not "The") United States of America. Michael is a former Libertarian candidate for President and is a long-time student of the Constitution. After watching the first one I had to watch the others as these are excellent and kind of fun to watch.

I know you're expecting the Libertarian guy to be some anti-religion Atheist or something, despite the fact that is kind of like saying all Republicans want to amend the Constitution with the Bible or all Democrats are jealous of and hate rich people, but he correctly points out that there is no "separation of Church and State" in the Constitution, merely the protection of the free exercise of religion and that the Second Amendment had nothing to do with the national guard (not created until the early 1900s) but the right of "the people" [I think that's in Installment 5]. He reminds us that the Constitution and The Bill of Rights do not grant us our rights, which are unalienable, but instead is just a reminder of what exists naturally and restricts government from overextending it's authority in violation of those rights.

He explores a few areas that I had never really considered and so I'm listing links to each of the installments here:

Installment 1:

Installment 2:

Installment 3:

Installment 4:

Installment 5:

Installment 6:

Installment 7:

And, of course, the Schoolhouse Rock version:

No More Kings:

The Preamble:

And who can forget Bill:



Greyfox said...
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Greyfox said...

Hey Sean, I watched this series a while back when you first posted it. VERY GOOD! He definitely brings out some things I have never thought about. This is the guy who was talking about the Liberty Dollar I mentioned last night, who we couldn't remember. You should check it out. -> We should get this rolling here in Indiana.

-Garrett Wilson