Friday, February 6, 2009


I was sitting here taking a few moments to privately celebrate Ronald Reagan's birthday when my daughter, Elizabeth, joined me and watched some of it.  She is not unfamilar with Ronald Reagan (or Thomas Jefferson and Ron Paul for that matter).  

She laughed at the letter he got, after being shot, from a young boy warning him to get well before he might have to give a speech in his pajamas.  She watched a snippet of his Challenger and "tear down this wall" speeches.  And when we got to the end of one of the clips and it showed parts of President Reagan's funeral, she got very quiet and I realized she was crying.

Sometimes there are little things that give you hope for the next generation.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to disagree regarding Reagan, Sean.

Among other things, Reagan continued Carter's policy of funding and training the mujahideen and ultimately allowing US allies in Pakistans ISI to install the Taliban in Afghanistan - under the guidance of CIA. We all know who was running that organization while the Taliban was rising to prominance.

At the same time, President Reagan sent Don Rumsfeld to Baghdad to provide chemical weapons and military supplies to Saddam Hussein to be used against Iran - while continuing to fund Tehran's military defense against Iraq.

Those efforts don't fall into any category of fiscal conservatism or sound policy that I've ever heard of.

And don't forget Iran/Contra and the participation of the CIA (under control of "guess who" again). And Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemal, and El Salvador. That's White House funding that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children and that resulted in unprecedented drug addiction and crimes within US cities.

The media has done an excellent job of showcasesing bits and pieces of Reagans history to paint him as an icon for conservative fiscal and economic policy. I argue that the media only presents a small fraction of the broad picture that's required to truly perceive reality. By following their lead, our nation follows a path to economic ruin and towards increasingly dangerous circumstances for the US as a whole.

In my opinion, Reagan was a traitor and a criminal who relied upon a controlled media to showcase a few good policies while he ran roughshod over innocent civilians and weaker states across the world in an effort to enable his bankster controllers to implement their policy of global economic control.

Sean Shepard said...

I often tell people I love almost everything Reagan said, just not everything he did.

Even he wasn't happy with everything he did when it was all over with; but, at the end of the day, the words that he used formed the foundation for a whole generation of pro-freedom followers.

Practically every single president can be found to have been deficient or a traitor in one way or another to the Constitution; but, very few educated the people along the way with some very libertarian ideals.

Anonymous said...

Sean ...Thank You Reagan is my hero! And in this day of socialism movement, this sure makes me Smile! and crave the good old days!