Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Forgot How To Make The Bomb? Just Ask China.

In speaking with my good friend Travis Cross recently the topic of the United States forgetting how to make a material related to nuclear weapons came up.

To quote the Fox News article:

The Department of Defense and the National Nuclear Security Administration had to wait more than a year to refurbish aging nuclear warheads — partly because they had forgotten how to make a crucial component, a government report states.

Regarding a classified material codenamed "Fogbank," a Government Accountability Office report released this month states that "NNSA had lost knowledge of how to manufacture the material because it had kept few records of the process when the material was made in the 1980s and almost all staff with expertise on production had retired or left the agency."

So the effort to refurbish and upgrade W76 warheads, which top the U.S. Navy's (and the British Royal Navy's) submarine-launched Trident missiles, had to be put on hold while experts scoured old records and finally figured out how to manufacture the stuff once again.

Travis humorously asked, "Couldn't we just ask the Chinese?"

After all, remember this scandal?

A scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has provided information that seriously contradicts Clinton administration claims that nuclear secrets obtained by China were solely the result of espionage during the late 1980's.

It's also been speculated that since the material is believed to be either very toxic or very hazardous to make, subjecting the government to potential lawsuits from anyone exposed to it, they may have "intentionally misplaced" the formula to minimize the likelihood of it being used against them or maybe even just declassified in a trial.

So, there we go. Next time we have difficulty remembering how to build our weapons, we can just ask the foreign nations that we've sold the secrets to or just ask their spies for our plans back.

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Anonymous said...

...note the source of the article. The "facts" aren't coming from an organization with a clean record of honest reporting and journalistic ethics. I'd also dare to say that FOX (whose owner has been a Lenin fan since his days at Oxford) is as unpatriotic and unbiased as his partners at MSNBC, CNN, BBC, NYT, and the rest of the corporate mainstream.

I trust this report on the nuclear situation as much as I trust MSM reporting on Iran or North Korea. It reads like bad fiction intended for a naive audience. It's almost as bad as the 2001 lies to cover NORAD failures - the lies that said "NORAD is to protect from an external threat".

Anyone who has any background in strategic policy and protocol knows that neither story holds water.