Monday, May 25, 2009

Something to Consider - Politicians and Why Voting Isn't Working

This is an excerpt from a Facebook comment I posted after someone lamented the whole "RINO" label when it comes to Republicans who aren't either (a) fiscally conservative enough or (b) theocratic enough to meet some kind of non-existence test or threshold.

I do like to remind people that some of the most supposedly fiscal conservative Republicans often still vote for hundreds of billions of dollars in out of control spending omnibus bills and that if you are a hard core religious conservative, the last thing you probably really want is the government regulating your religious practices (marriage being a religious practice) and should really work to get government out of it completely.

Always remember, you never want to grant to government any power you would not grant your worst enemy. The reasons for this should be self-evident.

Here is the excerpt though:

The fallacy in the whole discussion is that people fail to see how very few people get involved in electoral politics over any kind of ideological bent or passion for the rule of law. It is seen as a career choice, a status symbol or an opportunity to be influential and feel important. This is true of both of the major "clubs".

Those who want most badly to reign over us are typically those we should least allow to do so.

This is why I love Libertarian folks. They truly want things fixed within the confines of free market economics, the Constitution and the rule of law ... not to be in charge of others, wield power or have "status".

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