Saturday, August 29, 2009

Please Watch These

I know he takes some criticism and sometimes seems inconsistent; but, he is pretty much the only guy saying the things that need to be said. You would think self-avowed "Communists" being appointed to positions of power in government would make newspaper headlines, heck that should be the lead story, but the mainstream media is far too cozy with government, fears losing "access" to celebrity politicians and their credibility, importance and necessity suffer as a result.


Anonymous said...

I don't watch Beck. He's a propagandist. I've heard him stir up religious fear/hatred between Christians and Muslims, I've watched him defend warrantless searches and illegal wiretapping, etc etc etc. I watched him trash and ridicule Ron Paul during the election campaign and I watch him raise legitimate issues against Obama when he remained silent as Bush did similar things.

Becks propaganda role is to promote the lie that there are two parties, and to protect the fact that our government is controlled by private finance. He's an excellent presenter and his valid points are often compelling, but they are always a piece of the truth rather than the whole truth, in order to manipulate people into continuing to live a lie.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to change the subject but I just had to put this out there for discussion:

Tom John's comments on the Democrats lining up to run against mayor Ballard. Here's what I think:

Tom John, because of his employment status and direct report (Ice Miller/Lacey Johnson) Tom's income and employment is tied to his ability ot undermind the local GOP. As someone who has ran several campaigns doesn't it strike you odd that the COunty Chairman who is with the incumbant party say something so divisive and juvenile? IMO this was done deliberately to undermind the local GOP and drive away independents. My question is how can you trust someone who sold out his party during a very contentious election, kick out the most supportive Republican activist and works behind the scenes to ferret out rising stars so that he can destroy them before they can rise up against the status quo.

Maybe Im jaded a bit but I've seen this Lake County. There the GOP leadership is in place to make sure there's no uprising. The local Chair is compensated directly and indirectly by Democratic powebrokers to make sure no one opposes the status quo. In return the Chairman is kept in the lap of luxury never benefitting more than the Democratic Chairman but goven enough to keep him loyal and hungry for more.

Just my humble opinion